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Get ready to Follow the Rhymes.


CONSEQUENCES is a site-specific choose-your-own-adventure AR Grime opera, written and performed by record-breaking, multi award-winning UK rapper Harry Shotta and developed by groundbreaking immersive AR studio Playlines.


Part concept album, part silent disco, part immersive theatre, CONSEQUENCES is a new kind of night out, combining live gig, rap narrative, and cutting-edge spatial audio via Playlines' development partnership with Bose.


CONSEQUENCES mixes modular, location-based interactive audio with real-world immersive performances to transform any venue into an explorable, interactive AR Grime club, with multiple branching storylines and six possible endings to explore. Imagine 'Secret Cinema' meets silent disco.


Download the CONSEQUENCES app, plug in your headphones or Bose wearables, put your phone away, and explore. Experience a club, venue or festival space re-contextualised as a digital landscape of music and branching narrative, where your decisions take you to very different places, and the consequences can be very real.


Roundhouse &


As part of a commission from Nesta and the Roundhouse, Playlines developed a location-based AR audio interactive theatre piece installed as part of The Last Word Storytelling Festival 2016. We were privileged to work with a group of young artists of diverse sexualities and gender identities to devise an immersive dating experience set twenty years in the future, and we were honoured to have our first full-length show in such a legendary venue, on the same stage that has hosted Zeppelin, Quo and Queen.

Except, we weren’t using the stage; our show took place in and around the venue’s public spaces, including the box office, foyers, bars, smoking areas and even toilets (plus a custom-built ‘microclub’ for dancing!) Our work is about getting users to be participants, not just spectators, and developing stories that weave in and around where the user is standing, what they’re seeing, and who else is nearby.

A brand-new version of the show premiered at Nesta's #FutureFest 2016 and created a groundbreaking new dimension of explorable fiction within a busy cultural festival, including AR-only VIP areas and the chance for enhanced encounters with venue vendors.

'Ambrose AR':

Kingston, Ontario

In December 1919, theatre tycoon and self-made millionaire Ambrose Small disappeared, leaving behind Canada's most famous missing persons case. In Ambrose AR, audiences go behind the curtain and backstage at The Grand Theatre, Kingston, prompted by site-specific digital storytelling that lets visitors explore the historic theatre in the company of digital ghosts, and explore branching storylines around the 100-year-old mystery of Ambrose's disappearance.

Ambrose AR is a first-of-its-kind adaptation of a conventional live immersive theatre experience into a digital immersive AR layer, providing multiple branching storylines and innovative audience interactions via smartphone and real-world exploration.


Ambrose AR represents an unprecedented effort to preserve a site-specific performance piece as a permanent playable digital archive which will become part of the venue's digital fabric, accessible to any user with a smartphone, and available to audiences on-demand and at almost zero running cost.