Rob Morgan is a game writer and narrative designer. Rob was Lead Game Writer on the groundbreaking PS3 AR titles 'Wonderbook: Book of Spells' and 'Book of Potions', which he wrote in collaboration with J.K. Rowling. He has worked on numerous VR projects (games and live-action) including as Game Writer for nDreams' 'The Assembly', script consultation for Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Centre, and writing the upcoming 'Smash Hit Plunder' for TriPixels. Rob has also written for the critically-acclaimed 'Fallen London' and and was Content Editor for the multi-award-winning '80 Days'.


Jerry is a Bafta-award winning game designer/developer based in London who is currently splitting his time equally between developing education apps as MadeByEducators and curating the @GameToilet - a 500+ strong resource of offbeat game designs.


Dustin Freeman began his career with a PhD in Computer Science, exploring interfaces and systems for creative expression and digital theatre. Dustin's innovative creative work is backed by a breadth of technical experience using novel technology. He worked on the novel 3D scanning system KinectFusion while at Microsoft Research, and has done several futuristic interaction prototypes using a Vicon motion capture setup while at the University of Toronto. Dustin most recently worked as a Spatial Interaction Engineer at Occipital in San Francisco, on code that powers their highquality real-time 3D scanning system, as well as on their upcoming Mixed Reality Engine.


Denise is an experienced Producer with a background in theatre and mixed media.Denise worked for Sony PlayStation, Testronic andITN Productions. Notable producing credits include a musical tour to Hamburg, Musical Bites at The Other Palace and Monstersongs, an interactive VR musical experience.

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