Playlines AR and Harry Shotta present the world premiere of CONSEQUENCES, a groundbreaking, Immersive Augmented Reality grime experience written and performed by multi-award-winning UK rapper Harry Shotta and developed by Immersive AR pioneers Playlines.


Part concept album, part silent disco, part 'choose your own adventure', CONSEQUENCES explores a new kind of narrative-driven immersion, mixing location-based AR audio with real-world performance.


Follow the rhymes; meet friends, exes and enemies; and keep a lookout for hidden characters and areas!


Download the CONSEQUENCES app, plug in your headphones, put away your phone and explore your own grime adventure. Experience Snug Harbour re-contextualised as a digital landscape of music and branching narrative set in London’s vibrant Grime scene, where your decisions will take you to very different places, and the consequences can be all too real.


Save time at the Summit by downloading the CONSEQUENCES App before you arrive! Loaner smartphones and headphones are available on request.


PLEASE NOTE: We take your privacy seriously. Playlines apps do not and cannot track location data outside the show venue. Your data will never be given to or sold to a third party.


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