"Playlines' projects were showcased at the Roundhouse's Last Word Festival and Nesta's #FutureFest, and in both instances were a phenomenal success... They devoted many, many hours to making a unique and memorable experience for the FutureFest audience."

- Josh McNorton, Festival Manager, #FutureFest

Playlines Creative Director Rob Morgan discusses AR paradigm shift at Zurich University of the Arts

Playlines is a London-based immersive AR design studio and consultancy made up of pioneers, industry veterans and immersive experience evangelists. 


Our studio brings together decades of experience in AR/VR experience design, interactive narrative, broadcast + 360, and theatre, and was recently named "one of the most innovative immersive audio companies in the UK" by Digital Catapult.

Playlines' work combines cutting-edge AR technology development and our multi-award-winning immersive storytelling insight with real-world performance.

Our hybrid mixed reality installations transform venues, festivals and public places into playable spaces with location-based layers of interactive information, gameplay and adventure


(Imagine Punchdrunk Theatre meets Pokémon Go.)

Meanwhile, as consultants and immersive narrative experts, we've helped build an expanded universe for a major VR LBE franchise, designed an immersive narrative overhaul for one of London's most iconic tourist destinations, and recently concluded a residency at the National Gallery.

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