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"Playlines' projects were showcased at the Roundhouse's Last Word Festival and Nesta's #FutureFest, and in both instances were a phenomenal success... They devoted many, many hours to making a unique and memorable experience for the FutureFest audience."

- Josh McNorton, Festival Manager, #FutureFest

- Creative Director Rob Morgan on AR's potential

Playlines is a London-based immersive AR studio that creates digital layers of narrative and gameplay in iconic locations.


We work with venues, attractions and festivals to add compelling new digital dimensions to their spaces. Our work merges app-based interactive narrative with real-world actors and one-off immersive experiences. It’s a bit like Punchdrunk Theatre meets Pokemon Go.


Our immersive AR experiences are driven by cutting-edge location-based technology, but they're designed to complement the venue experience. We believe in activating visitors' imagination through narrative, encouraging them to explore with their eyes open instead of looking down at their screens.


Our groundbreaking location-specific digital dramaturgy allows us to drive visitors to specific areas or reward those who explore; we're able to create flashmob-like moments that bring visitors together; and to encourage real-world interactions with staff, actors or other visitors.


Our projects also generate invaluable visitor data for venues, showing visitor footfall and even allowing for crowdflow and live events management in real time.